Hopeless 2: A Free Game Upgrade

While one’s natural inclination may be to play blackjack when looking for a fun online game, there’s always the appeal of playing something much more entertaining. If this was the past dilemma, say hello to the future of free web games. Say hello to Hopeless 2: Mercenary Camp.

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Okay, so Hopeless may not be the quintessential gambler’s fix, offering up the best roulette online, but for FPS gamers out there, the addition of Hopeless into the ranks of free Shockwave games is the equivalent of Halo 3 dropping on Xbox – in one word: awesome.

There’s a simple rule to follow when playing Hopeless 2: Shoot to kill. In this game, the object is to blast your way through the opponents to reach supremacy. Can you be the last fighter standing? Well, with a G3, Colt-45, M-249, a sniper rifle and a stinger missile launcher at your disposal, standing for the duration may prove to be somewhat of a miracle. Other players have the same weapons – up to 8 of them per camp. But infinite respawns ensure that, if not successful, you’re free to try, try again.

The basic premise of the game, per the gamer’s vernacular, is a frag-fest. Hopeless 2 delivers a brand of entertainment once thought only available to console shooters or PC games requiring heavy-duty hardware. Instead of the rigorous demands on machinery, this shooter – about to be released from beta – can be played with a basic computer and accessed for free from anywhere in the world.

After full release, players will have the option to choose between three individual maps and various game modes, including Free for All, Free Teams, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, and much more. Hopeless 2 offers a community-like atmosphere, allowing players to meet and greet via the in-game chat or the designated forum. You can meet and form teams, participate in tournaments, and even talk some smack to the noob you just put to sleep with a kamikaze bomb dive off the top of the castle.

The most appealing aspect of Hopeless 2 is its addictive atmosphere. The characters in the game are fully functional, able to run, jump and move 360-degrees. There are 6 weapons that can be easily cycled through, and the overall graphics come across as stellar for something available on Adobe.

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When the game is fully released next month, thousands of players will be joining and flooding the various maps and camps with live-time gunfire. If you want in on the action, stop by the game forum to find out the latest goings-on with Hopeless 2.